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Shrike Marine the Company

Shrike Marine is a young and exciting electronics company founded in 2005.  With roots based in high frequency RF and power supply designs, in its few years of operation Shrike has developed six products specifically for use by the military. 

Shrike offers leading-edge cost-effective solutions utilizing COTS (completely off the shelf) equipment to significantly reduce development time, cost and risk. Itís commitment to providing extremely high levels of service, cost-effectiveness, quality and innovative solutions make it the ideal partner of choice, helping customers to be successful in their projects. 

Moving forward into the future Shrike has started its own R&D projects to map its place into the RF market.  These projects include a radio altimeter for the UAV market, as well as a broadband IFM (instantaneous frequency measurement) receiver heart to ESM systems.




Shrike Marine's ACPDU attached to a Backpack Frame for Portability

Contact: Drew Guthrie          Tel: +27 21 447 6877             Mobile: +27 84 448 4743         Email:
Shrike Marine offers leading-edge cost-effective solutions utilising completely off the shelf equipment to significantly reduce development time, cost and risk